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The longest spacing chainpot "LP353-30" has officially been released from this spring!

For years, chainpot lineup was only available in 5 cm, 10 cm, and 15 cm (2", 4", and 6") plant spacing, but after a long period of development, 30cm (12") spacing chainpots finally came out!


Diameter: 3.5 cm (1.4")
Height: 3 cm (1.2")
Spacing: 30 cm (12")
Cell numbers: 190

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How to seed cabbage

Cabbage is common crop to seed in LP303-15 of every other cell. Skipping the cell is the easy way to extend the spacing, but seems to be a waste of soil and paperpot itself.

With LP353-30, you will be able to grow crops efficiently without wasting the "skipped" cells.


We also have a video on our YouTube. Visit and check it out!

Plants: "cabbage"

seed type: naked

1 seed per cell

Paperpot transplanting system

- Chainpot: LP353-30

- Seeder: 2.8 mm Diameter × 1.5 mm Thickness

- Other basic tools are required (3 tools at right need 190-cell type)


  1. Spread the chainpots with the opening rods.
  2. Set the chainpots to the opening frame.
  3. Remove the rods and set the frame to the nursery tray.
  4. Fill the potting soil with hands.
  5. Clean the surface with the brush.
  6. Make holes with the dibble board.
  7. Place the seeds in the seeder and shake it to set them to each hole of the seeder.
  8. Match the holes of the seeder to the seeding holes on chainpots.
  9. Drop the seeds slowly.
  10. Remove the opening frame.
  11. Fill the covering soil by hand.
  12. Clean and flatten the surface with the back side of the brush.