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How To Use Our Transplanting System

How To Use Our Transplanting System

The Nitten's original system that starts with growing seedling in chainpots and transplanting them with a human-powered transplanter.

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Check Videos

Simple instructions to the transplanting system. Watch out to see how the tools work effectively!

Seeding Instruction

Demonstrates how to use chainpots correctly and how to seed in them efficiently.

Transplanting Instruction

The basic operation of the paperpot transplanter and its adjusting steps.

Download Manual

Detailed instructions to the transplanting system of chainpots.
All information from seeding to transplanting are covered. Take it to your farm and try perfect operation!

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1. Can paperpots be used on organic farms?
2. Do chainpots break down in the field?
3. Where can I buy it?
4. How long do you guarantee the quality of paperpots?
5. How do the tools work?