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How to

The longest in-row spacing chainpots "LP353-30" have some points that you should pay attention to while transplanting. The difference is that the seedlings tend to fall over and also they do not easily go into the ground deeply enough.

Here we explain how to deal with those problems.

1. Attach the "guide plate".

The attachment for transplanting LP353-30 with HP-16 transplanter. Its two curves tension the chain and prevent seedlings from falling over.

This is recommended for stable transplanting, but not necessary. It is possible to transplant them without it depending on the conditions.

2. Attach the deeper furrow maker.

The deeper furrow maker has 73 mm depth, while the standard one has 53 mm. By cutting the furrow deeper with the deeper furrow maker, you can avoid shallow transplanting.

3. Slide the dial up to lower the body.

The black dial which is above the white wheels is also helpful for adjusting the depth of transplanting. By sliding it up, the transplanter body go lower and its furrow maker will cut deeper furrows. On contrary, by sliding the dial down, the body is lifted and its furrow maker will cut shallower furrows.

We also have a video on YouTube to explain it easily. Visit us!