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How to

The lineup of 264-cell chainpots comes in three types: 5cm, 10cm, and 15cm (2", 4", and 6") plant spacings. The maximum spacing is only 15cm (6"), and some crops need more.

In such cases, you can use 190-cell chainpot "LP353-30", which have 30cm (12") plant spacing. But this is a new product and need additional tools,and there is a more easy way to change 15cm chainpots into 30cm spacings.

If you want to use chainpots for crops with longer spacing, give it a try!

Seeding in every other cell

The only thing you do is to close the holes in the seeder. Prepare masking tape and cover the rows as shown in the image. This way, the seedlings will be pulled out in every other cell when transplanting.

Alternate seeding can also be done by reversing the rows. However, the outer rows tend to dry out more easily than the inner rows, so it is better to seed the inner rows in this way.

If you use big quantity of 30cm spacings, it is better to try LP353-30. Take a look👈